Indira Technical Institute

Founded in 1993, Indira Technical Institute is one of the oldest and trusted institute in Maharashtra. The need for giving emphasis on the Skill Development, especially for the less educated, poor and out of school youth has been highlighted in various forums. The skill level and educational attainment of the work force determines the productivity, income levels as well as the adaptability of the working class in changing environment.

  • Our

    Develop a talent pool with the competence to take on the challenges of the present & future. Facilitates improvement in quality & quantity of individual contribution & provide a congenial work environment.

  • Skill

    Institute is playing a leading role in all the skill development programs. Institute also implements many demand driven short term courses successfully. e.g. short term courses, Sewing machine operator etc.

  • Manpower

    To train & retrain existing faculties to take up challenges due to the development & up gradation of technology, to develop the skill of younger generation who are the driving force of an industrial revolution.

J D Classes