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Economy grows through technological push not through demand pull. Technology is changing at the blink of an eye. Now there is not only a sharp rise in competition, but also a significant shift in the expectation of all the stake holders namely, industries, governments, public, professional service providers, trainees, employees etc. Institute shall aim to not only transfer knowledge & skill about modern technology, but also lend a tangible competitive advantage with the globalization & liberalization. Adoption of modern technology to meet the qualitative requirement is the prime necessary and these in turn depend, on the availability of trained labor force. Institute shall works with the larger objective of the organization.
During Present age Candidates having Vocational Skill in Various areas have more job Opportunities / self employment than candidates of other faculties. One has to Spend lots of time as well as money for the higher education. Apart from this one has to pass S.S.C and H.S.C with high percentage. Hence, very few can build their career through the famous institutions and hence, there is no job surety. On the other hand, the Candidates having less qualification, less percentage than required in other streams could get the Job / Self employment by achieving the skill and proper training.
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